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Wilhelm Tornow
BIRTH:04 Nov 1853 - Pomerania, Germany
DEATH:07 Jan 1930 - Clintonville, Waupaca, WI
BURIAL:10 Jan 1930 - Clintonville, Waupaca, WI

Wilhelm was married 05 Mar 1882 in Fremont, Waupaca, WI to:

Hermine Kopiske
BIRTH:22 Dec 1860 - Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
DEATH:21 Jun 1943 - Plover, Marathon, WI
BURIAL:Jun 1943 - Clintonville, Waupaca, WI

Children of Wilhelm and Hermine Tornow:

Max(25 Oct 1883 - 25 Nov 1938)
William(19 Sep 1886 - 11 Nov 1955)
Martha(13 Sep 1888 - 05 Feb 1943)
Alfred(13 Nov 1890 - 22 Oct 1975)
Rudolph(11 Aug 1892 - 10 Oct 1950)
David(06 Apr 1896 - 17 Nov 1961)
Clara(20 Oct 1902 - 02 Apr 1976)
In September 1872, he accompanied his parents to America, landing at the port of New York.  They stopped at Dale, Wisconsin for a few months before coming north to the township of Bear Creek, where they settled on a farm.  This was then a dense wilderness.  Several years later, after working out and saving money, he purchased land that was entirely covered with woods.  He erected a log house and farmed alone until 1882, when he was married to Hermine Kopiske at East Bloomfield, Wisconsin.  He brought his bride to his pioneer home and here together they raised their family and developed a splendid farm, on which they lived until 1923 when they sold the farm to Max Hein and moved to Clintonville, Wisconsin, to spend their declining years in comfort.

Wilhelm filed an intent for citizenship (naturalization) in Waupaca County on October 8, 1924 but it was not granted.  The record indicates it was "void for the reason it was issued within 30 days of a general election".

In the spring of 1872, the daughter of Michael and Eva Kopiske, accompanied her family to America and settled on a farm in the town of Wolf River, Winnebago County, near Fremont, Wisconsin.  They were married by Rev. Sauer in East Bloomfield.  After their marriage, the couple settled on a farm near Bear Creek, Wisconsin. Until moving to Clintonville, the couple were members of Trinity Lutheran Church in Nicholson, Wisconsin.  After moving to Clintonville, they joined St. Martin’s Lutheran Church.

One of Hermine’s chores as a girl in Germany was tending the geese.

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Isabelle, Irma and Elmer are the children of Max and Alma (not shown).
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