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Nearly all Mattesons in the United States can trace their heritage back to Henry and Hannah (Parsons) Matteson of Rhode Island.

The Will

The discovery of the will of David Matteson (1790-1849) by our not-too-distant cousin, Craig Rice, provided our critical link to the well-established American family of Henry Matteson (1646-1690) and his wife, Hannah.   Craig said:

The will of David Matteson made on 7 Mar 1849 states that he is age 58 from Parish. He includes oldest child Sally then Maryette, Kalep, David, Peleg, Josiah, Lucinda, John and youngest Abigail. Some of his children have not reached adulthood because he talks about them receiving their share when they reach age 21. Executors are his brother Obadiah and Harvey Palmer. Witnesses are Charles Palmer and Russel Matteson (who I believe is Obadiah’s son). Will is probated 9 July 1849.

Craig found the will on in October, 2003, but since 2014 it has been available on Here is a pdf copy of the will from the New York State, Oswego County Wills, Book C, pp 189-193. The handwritten script is diffcult to read so we prepared a transcript.

Our Line

Evidence of the link between Josiah Matteson and his father, David, includes the following: only one David Matteson in NY had a brother named Obadiah; David’s will named David, Peleg and Josiah as three of his sons, and Lucinda and Abigail as two of his daughters; Josiah’s death certificate named his father as David Matteson of NY; in 1855 in T. Ellington, WI, Josiah lived next door to David Matteson; in 1856, David and Josiah claimed the estate of their brother, Peleg, who died intestate near Fond du Lac, WI; and Josiah named two of his daughters Lucinda and Abigail. This link is accepted by the DAR.

Here is a brief summary of our line by generation:

  1. Henry and Hannah (Parsons) Matteson of RI
  2. Hezekiah and Margaret (Wescott) Matteson of RI
  3. Zerubabel and Abigail (Dwinnell) Matteson of RI, then VT
  4. Josiah and Mary Matteson of VT, then NY
  5. writer of the will David and Lucy (Matteson) Matteson of NY – they were distant cousins
  6. Josiah Matteson of NY then WI and Rhoda (Brown) of ME then WI – story on the next page

Clare Babcock’s daughter, Susan, is a member of the DAR, thanks to the Revolutionary War service of Josiah Matteson (1760 – 1826) of VT, then NY. Our line, tracing back from Clare Babcock, is (Clare, Cora (Matteson) Babcock, Josiah (Civil War veteran), David, Josiah (Rev. War veteran), Zerubabel, Hezekiah, Henry).

Last update: April 17, 2022