The Story of Fred Lemke and Descendants

by Edna Hathorne
Frederick Lemke
BIRTH:02 Sep 1896 - Plover, Marathon, WI
DEATH:14 Feb 1987 - Hartland, Waukesha, WI
BURIAL:Feb 1987 - Wausau, Marathon, WI
He worked on the farm with his parents.
Frederick was married 21 Dec 1919 in Birnamwood, WI, USA to:

Elizabeth Ehmann
BIRTH:12 Apr 1900 - Tomahawk, Lincoln, WI
DEATH:Mar 1989 - , MN
BURIAL: - Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN

Children of Frederick and Elizabeth Lemke:

Betty(23 Oct 1922 - 1926)
Forrest(19 Sep 1924 - 30 Sep 2015)

They decided to get a divorce about 1928. About the same time, there was an accident and Betty Ann fell out of the car and was killed. Elizabeth moved to Minneapolis, taking Forrest with her. It was a very traumatic situation, and one can only imagine what this saddened lady went through. She found a friend and married again and had another little boy, Frank.

Fred also found another mate.
Frederick was married 22 May 1929 in Merrill, Lincoln, WI to:

Julia Stencil
BIRTH:19 Jan 1908 - Wisconsin, USA
DEATH:08 Aug 1992 - Hartland, Waukesha, WI
BURIAL: - Pine Grove Cem, Wausau, Marathon

Children of Frederick and Julia Lemke:

Florinda(29 Nov 1929 - )
Geraldine(25 Jun 1932 - 6 Mar 2018)
The Fred Lemke Tree as published

Fred had several different occupations at one time. He ran a store, was a cheese maker and a farmer. In about the late 1930’s the family moved to Milwaukee where Fred worked as a mechanic for a trucking company. Fred died in 1987 and Julia died in 1992.

As of 1993 Florinda and Geraldine still lived in the Milwaukee Area but Geraldine has recently died.

Forrest was adopted by his new father and his name was changed to Larson. Forrest lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He was in service during WWII, and in 1948 he married Jean Caughey. He is still working and is a consulting engineer in the Canadian grain industry. Forrest and Jean have three children: Daniel, Scott, and Stephanie Elizabeth.

Daniel, born in 1949, married Karin Parsons in 1968. They had nine children:

Danielle 1971 Biological
Lincoln 1972 Adopted Cree Indian
Dean 1974 Adopted American Indian
Tyrone 1975 Adopted African American – brother of Tamara
Jolene 1977 Adopted American Indian – sister of twins
Lucas 1977 Biological
Tamara 1977 Adopted African American – sister of Tyrone
Janis 1979 Adopted American Indian (twin) sibling of Jolene
Bear (Grant) 1979 Adopted American Indian (twin) sibling of Jolene
Daniel and Karin were divorced in 1988 and in 1989, Daniel remarried Alexandria McQuillan. They live in Denver, Colorado.

Scott, the second son of Forrest and Jean, was born in 1952. He married Heidi Walters in 1986. They have a son, Jason, born in 1990. They live in the southeastern U.S.

A daughter, Stephanie Elizabeth, was born to Forrest and Jean in 1957. She married Herbert Christmann in 1980. They have a daughter, Corrine Heather, born in 1984. They live in the Calgary area.

Last update: May 4, 2022