The Story of Irene Tornow and Descendants

by Edna Hathorne as of 1993
Irene Tornow
BIRTH:11 Oct 1916 - Plover, Marathon, WI
DEATH:4 Apr 2016 - East Troy, Walworth, WI

Irene was married 18 May 1938 in Dubuque, Dubuque, IA to:

Herman Kutschenreuter
BIRTH:18 Apr 1913 - Wauwatosa, Milwaukee, WI
DEATH:16 Jul 2006 - East Troy, Walworth, WI

Children of Herman and Irene Kutschenreuter:

The Irene Tornow Tree as published

Alfred and Amanda’s second daughter, Irene, born in 1916, married Herman Kutschenrueter in 1938. They made their home in Milwaukee where Hermie worked in the construction industry.

They have a daughter, Nancy, born in 1942. Nancy married Richard Lucas in 1960. Nancy and Richard had two sons, Tracy born in 1961 and Gordon born in 1962. Nancy and Richard were divorced in 1968. Richard died in 1971. Nancy married Euro Alberti in 1968. They have a son, Gregory, born in 1968. Euro adopted Tracy and Gordon after Richard’s death. Nancy and Euro live in Europe. Tracy lives in Florida. Gordon is in the service. He married Kathryn Nieman in 1987. They have a daughter, Alexandra, born in 1988. They move about a lot being in service. Gregory lives in the Milwaukee area.

Irene and Hermie’s oldest son, Herman, Jr., was born in 1946. He married Rosemary McKee in 1967. They had three children: Shawn born in 1968, Christopher born in 1970 and Judy born in 1975. Herman Jr. and Rosemary were divorced in 1977. All three of the children and Herman Jr. live in the Milwaukee area. Judy has a little girl, Samantha, born in 1992.

Irene and Hermie’s second son James was born in 1956. He married Beth Emilie in 1988. They have two boys: Joseph born in 1990 and George born in 1992. They live in Mukwanago, WI. Irene and Herman now live in Florida.

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