The Story of Edna Tornow and Descendants

by herself as of 1993
Edna Tornow
BIRTH:24 Mar 1925 - Plover, Marathon, WI
DEATH:4 May 2013 - New London, Waupaca, WI
BURIAL:2013 - Northport, Waupaca, WI

Edna was married 18 May 1944 in Wausau, Marathon, WI to:

Jack Spivey
BIRTH:abt. 1923 - Wisconsin, USA

Children of Jack and Edna Spivey:

Beth(14 Apr 1945 - 16 Oct 1966)

Edna was married 04 Apr 1951 in Purvis, Lamar, MS to:

Clarence Hathorne
BIRTH:17 Jun 1918 - Dover Foxcroft, Piscataquis, ME
DEATH:05 Jan 1991 - Royalton, Waupaca, WI
BURIAL:Jan 1991 - Mukwa, Waupaca, WI

Children of Clarence and Edna Hathorne:

The Edna Tornow Tree as published

Amanda and Alfred’s fourth daughter Edna, born in 1925, was married in 1944 to Jack Spivey. They had two daughters: Beth born in 1945 and Amanda born in 1949. Edna and Jack were divorced in 1950.

In 1951, Edna married Clarence Hathorne. They lived for a few years in Maine, which was Clarence’s home. In 1954 they moved to Northport near New London, WI. In 1963 they had a daughter, Margaret, and in 1964 a son, Malcome. They bought a small farm near Royalton, WI, and moved there in 1976.

Beth married Rolf Hintzke in 1965. They had a son, Rolf Jr., in 1965. When Rolf Jr. was one year old, Beth was killed in a car accident (1966). Rolf Jr. married Pam Nellis in 1985. They had a daughter, Audrey Beth, in 1985. She died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in 1985. Rolf Jr. and Pam now live in New Mexico.

Amanda married James Roberts in 1967. Jim was in the Navy for the first years of their marriage. In 1971, they had a daughter, Jennifer. Amanda and Jim were divorced in 1988 after almost 20 years of marriage. Amanda lives near Norfolk, VA. Jennifer is to be married this year (1993) to Harold Brian.

Margaret was married in 1984 to Daniel Higginbotham. They live near Birnamwood, WI, only about 1.5 miles from the old home farm. He is a surveyor starting his own business, and Margaret teaches Physics at Antigo High School.

Malcome was married in 1986 to Amy Jo Fermanich. They have a home on the farm Edna and Clarence owned near Royalton. Malcome works as a printer for the school district of New London.

Clarence and Edna lived in the farm house until 1984, when they sold it and built a house in the woods on part of the farm land. Clarence died in 1991 and Edna still lives in the house.

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