The Story of Carl and Anna Lemke

by Edna Hathorne
Carl Lemke
BIRTH:02 Nov 1866 - Belgard, Pomerania, Prussia
DEATH:21 Sep 1934 - Wausau, Marathon, WI
BURIAL:Sep 1934 - Wausau, Marathon, WI
Carl Lemke was born in Prussia on Nov. 2, 1866. He was about 5 years old when the family moved to Wausau. Carl was the oldest of 11 children. Two younger children had been born in Prussia and came to Wausau with the family. The other eight were born in Wausau.

Carl was married 03 Mar 1890 in Marathon County, WI, USA to:

Anna Hetzel
BIRTH:Sep 1869 - Thiensville, Ozaukee, WI
DEATH:08 Nov 1945 - Wausau, Marathon, WI
BURIAL:Nov 1945 - Wausau, Marathon, WI

Children of Carl and Anna Lemke:

Amanda(18 Jun 1892 - 20 Jul 1981)
Frederick(02 Sep 1896 - 14 Feb 1987)
Myron(18 Feb 1899 - 20 Dec 1941)
Harry(31 Jul 1905 - 09 Jul 1985)
The Carl Lemke Tree as published
When Carl was old enough to go out on his own, he bought land about 20 miles east of Wausau in the township of Plover in Marathon County. He was at the end of the road and in a heavily forested area. The land he bought must have been about 240 acres. He cut timber and cleared land for farming. There were other farms along the road from Wausau, but it was quite a secluded area.

Carl married Anna Hetzel about 1890 and they had 4 children. Anna was from the township of Plover and had a large family of brothers and sisters living in the area. They were of German descent. The first of Carl and Anna’s children was Amanda, then Fred, Myron and Harry.

Carl and Anna Lemke Family Picture
Carl built a small house about 20×20 ft. but not of logs. It was built of sawed lumber and was later used as a chicken coop. They built a barn, granary and machine shed. The larger house was built sometime in the early 1900’s. Below is a picture of the buildings on the home farm taken from the east field, probably about 1927. The little square building in the middle is the original small house, used later as a chicken coop.

Below is a picture of the house Carl and Anna built on their farm in about 1900. [The front of the house, with the porch, faces left in the picture, above.] When I remember this house, the spruce was as tall as the house. This house burned to the ground in about 1957.

Fred, Myron and Harry on the farm in Plover township.

The road leading up to the farm in about 1927. Imagine what it was in 1888 when Carl and Anna built there.

Carl and Anna lived on their farm until 1926?. At that time they moved to Wausau and took up residence at 809 Henrietta Street. All of their children, except Harry, had left home by then. Harry continued to live with them, and when Carl died in 1934, Harry still stayed on and worked and took care of his mother Anna until she died in 1945. Here is a picture of Carl and Anna Lemke in their golden years after they retired to Wausau.
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