A Short History of the Lemke Family 1840-1993

published 1993
by Edna Hathorne

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I am going to try to try to write out a short history of the Lemke family who lived in Wausau, Wisconsin, in 1871;  and which is presently scattered over the United States and beyond.  My name is Edna Hathorne, and if any of you find some big mistakes in this story, blame it on me!  Some dates will be followed by a question mark which means that I figured out the date the best I could from other dates I verified.

I started this project upon a request from a cousin, Jean Larson from Calgary, Alberta.  When my children heard what I was doing they also requested that I do it all up right so they would also have a record of the family.  I have had help from many members of the family, the first of which is Arlene Durand, a cousin of my mothers.  She lives at 626 Kickbush St. in Wausau at the same site where the first Lemke’s lived.  The house she lives in was built by John and Maria Lemke in 1880.  Help has also been given me by my sisters and cousins.

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