The next few pages present Part II of From Whence We Came submitted by Sharon Vircks and published by Joyce Huntington in 2002.  You can go back to Part I by clicking  here  or on Tornow in the menu above. The Tornow-Kopiske link is the marriage of Wilhelm Tornow and Hermine Kopiske.

Every effort has been made to simulate flipping though the pages of the original book by clicking Next on each page and by using the drop-down menu as a table of contents to jump around in the book.

The historical information concerning our ancestors is presented in the following seven Kopiske pages and the previous twenty Tornow pages.

The detailed information about their descendants, our relatives, most of whom are living, is incorporated into the hundreds of pages of the Combined Tree. You will need to use the guest account to see any information there but the information on living persons is protected from public viewing.

If you are a descendant, please register and I’ll be happy to approve a privileged account for you to see all the detailed information. A link at the bottom of the Combined Tree login page will take you to the registration page.


Last update: July 6, 2021