The Story of Abigail “Abby” Matteson

Abby Matteson
BIRTH:27 May 1884 - Ellington, Outagamie, WI
DEATH:abt. 1918
Abigail (15) and LD Collins (about 29) were arrested in March 1900 for unlawfully living together in Dale, WI as man and wife. See the news article.

Abby was married 15 Apr 1900 in Outagamie County, WI, USA to:

LD Collins
BIRTH:abt. 1871 - Wisconsin, USA
They were divorced about 1904.
Abby in 1894
Abby was married 10 Nov 1906 in Brown, WI to:

Edward Judkins
BIRTH:17 May 1866 - Wisconsin
DEATH:07 May 1936 - wi
BURIAL:1936 - Oconto, Oconto, WI
They were divorced about 1912.

Edward had been married twice before. In 1910 they were married, living in Woodruff, Oneida County, WI and working at a hotel & resort on Eagle River Road, Edward as a laborer and Abby as a cook. The resort proprietor was Herbert Chapin.
Abby was married abt. 1914 in Oneida County, WI, USA to:

Frank Gustafson
BIRTH:Oct 1871 - Sweeden
DEATH:abt. 1918
No records of them exist in 1920 so we presume they were both victims of the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918.
Abby and Frank