The Story of Ida Allen

Ida Cass Allen
BIRTH:17 Aug 1862 - New London, Waupaca, WI
DEATH:14 Jan 1931 - Waupaca, Waupaca, WI
BURIAL:17 Jan 1931 - New London, Waupaca, WI
Ida’s mother died shortly after giving birth. Her family was unable to care for her, so she was adopted by Lamont and Maria (Millerd) Allen of New London. Ida never married. In 1900, At age 38, Ida was still living with her elderly adoptive parents who died within the next two years. Also in the house was her “brother”, Chester. Chester was probably also adopted, as Maria was 52 when he was born. In 1905, Ida was caring for Chester, an elderly widowed aunt, and her natural brother, Edward Cass. In 1910, Ida lived with Edward, who worked odd jobs. By 1920, Ida lived in New London and had taken in her natural nephew, George Babcock. In 1930, Ida and George lived in Northport.

Ida died at home in Northport.

Northport – Ida and George lived in residence C