The Cass family is as large or larger than any others on this site.  However, the branch of Iddo Cass in Wisconsin, which has been difficult to connect to the large Cass family, is coming together with the help of many Cass family genealogists.  At the risk of missing some, I name those most helpful of late:  Maria Johnson, Betty Hendrickson, Bryan Cass, Cheryl Cass, Jean Pickering, Bonnie Monsour, Bob Dyson, and Gregory Strong.

We can now trace back to the immigrant John Cass and Martha Philbrick who married in 1657 and started their family on or near the Atlantic seacoast of New Hampshire, an area now known as Hampton, New Hampshire. Four generations later, Joseph Cass and Rachel Martin were married and had a son Iddo Cass on July 11, 1766 in Cheshire, New Hampshire. He married Anna Thurber. One of their nine offspring was Martin Cass. Martin Cass married Mary Southwick and one of their sons was Iddo Cass whose story is given on the following page.

Our Line

If we have the links right, our line, starting with Clare Babcock is (…, Clare, Robert, Mary (Cass) Babcock, Iddo Cass, Martin, Iddo, Joseph, Deacon John, John, Capt. Joseph, John).

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Last update: April 17, 2022