by Bob Babcock


Gladys Babcock
BIRTH:01 Jun 1867 - Caledonia, Waupaca, WI
DEATH:7 Jan 1916 - Liberty, Outagamie, WI
BURIAL:11 Jan 1916 - Floral Hill Cem, New London, WI

Gladys was married 01 Jan 1898 in Waupaca County, WI, USA to:

Albert Fehrmann
BIRTH:13 Jan 1872 - Wisconsin, USA
DEATH:17 Oct 1933 - Wisconsin, USA
BURIAL:21 Oct 1933 - Floral Hill Cem, New London, WI

Children of Albert and Gladys Fehrmann:

Harold(27 Nov 1900 - 25 Jan 1951)
Lyle(12 Nov 1905 - 19 Mar 1974)
Gladys lived with her parents in Caledonia until she was 30. As the oldest of five, she may have been tasked with caring for her siblings.

She then married a neighbor, Albert Fehrman. Albert was a first generation American whose parents were from Germany. Albert came from a large family of eight sisters and two brothers. One brother and one sister were born before him.

Gladys and Albert lived in Caledonia in 1900 – 1905, close to her parents and close to his parents.

In 1908 they were listed in a directory as farming 80 acres in section 16 of Liberty. The US Census of 1910 showed them living on Mosquito Hill Road in Liberty. Plat maps do not show that they owned land in section 16 but Mosquito Hill Road does run between sections 16 and 17 and Mosquito Hill is in section 17. They had two sons, Harold, 9, and Lyle, 4. Gladys had another child, not living in 1910. Also living with them were a hired hand, William Delzer, 21, and Gladys’ brother, Eldon, a cheesemaker.

The Floral Hill cemetery record shows that Gladys died in January of 1916. She was 48. Albert lived with his son, Lyle, in Wausau for a while before he died.

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