by Bob Babcock


Halbert Eaton
BIRTH:Sep 1865 - Caledonia, Waupaca, WI
DEATH:16 Sep 1931 - Tofield, Alberta, Canada
BURIAL:1931 - Tofield Cem, Alberta, Canada

Halbert was married abt 1889 in Iowa, USA to:

Watie Phillips
BIRTH:17 Mar 1872 - Herdland, Clay, IA
DEATH:11 May 1961 - Tofield, Alberta, Canada

Children of Halbert and Watie Eaton:

Freda( - )
Edna(23 May 1890 - 27 Oct 1918)
Gladys(Oct 1896 - abt. 1902)
Owen(15 Nov 1898 - 24 Sep 1958)
Curtis(Jul 1907 - Sep 1915)
When Halbert was born in Wisconsin the Civil War was over and his mother was remarried to his father, Joshua Eaton. In 1870 he lived in Iowa with his family and by 1875, he was almost 10, his younger brother was 4, his father had died, and they had moved back to Caledonia near New London. In 1880, age 14, he lived with his brother, half-brother, and mother who had remarried yet again.

Nine years later, back in Iowa, he married Watie Jane Phillips whose father was born in Ontario, Canada. Watie was the oldest of her siblings.

Eleven years later, the US Census of 1900 recorded Halbert and Watie living in Texas. They had three children and Halbert was working as a well driller. A couple years later Halbert’s father-in-law moved to Canada and by 1910 Halbert and Watie also moved to Canada.

By 1911 their daughter Gladys had died and by 1915 they were living in Tofield, Alberta where their youngest son died at age 8. Halbert was a laborer and later he was a farmer. Halbert was 66 when he died in Tofield, Alberta, Canada. A single death record indicates that Watie Jane may have remarried a Macdougall and lived to age 89 before dying in Tofield.

DNA matches:
Marie (112 cM): (…, Neweda, Edna, Halbert)
Richard (58 cM): (…, Marie, Neweda, Edna, Halbert)
Connie (108 cM): (…, Joyce Edith, Thelma, Edna, Halbert)
Dorothy (158 cM): (…, Irene, Thelma, Edna, Halbert)
Brenda (112 cM): (…, Walter, Owen, Halbert)
Michael (41 cM): (…, Charles, Dorothy, Owen, Halbert)

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