by Bob Babcock


Charles Davis
BIRTH:1 Oct 1862 - Caledonia, Waupaca, WI
DEATH:09 Dec 1937 - New London, Waupaca, WI
BURIAL:12 Dec 1937 - Floral Hill Cem, New London, WI

Charles was married 28 Mar 1889 in Caledonia, Waupaca, WI to:

Isabel McGregor
BIRTH:6 May 1869 - Mukwa, Waupaca, WI
DEATH:1 Apr 1947 - Waupaca County, WI, USA
BURIAL:1947 - New London, Waupaca, WI

Children of Charles and Isabel Davis:

Eva(02 Apr 1890 - 17 Oct 1978)
Dema(29 Jan 1895 - 19 Aug 1981)
Ferne(22 May 1899 - 04 Nov 1901)
When Charles was born the Civil War had begun. His father died just after his first birthday and his mother remarried shortly after his second birthday. In 1870 he lived in Iowa with his family and by 1875, they lived back in Caledonia near New London. In 1880, age 17, he still lived with his mother and two half-brothers. His sisters, Watie and Charlotte were married. Nine years later he married Isabelle McGregor.

Bell, as Isabelle was known, had a brother and three sisters. Charlie and Bell’s daughter, Dee, was named after Bell’s sister Lodema. When Lodema was widowed with two children she married Allen Babcock. Lodema was the mother and Allen Babcock was the adoptive father of Marion Benedict Babcock seen in the photograph with Dee.

After they were married, Charlie and Bell lived in Mukwa, section 28. Their third child, Ferne, was recorded in the 1900 Census but died the next year. By 1930 they moved to Northport, residence G with their second child, Dema “Dee” Davis, who never married. Dee raised chickens and I remember waking up to her rooster crowing.

Their first child, Eva, married George Wendtland. See the Davis connection page. Eva and George had two children, Irene and Ferne. Irene married John Polaski and Fern married Harry Ferg. Those mentioned appear in the picture gallery. We have not identified any of Charlie’s descendants with a DNA match.

  • Dee Davis, 1895.
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