Davis Family Connections

Thanks to Maria (Davis) Johnson we have learned a lot about the Davis family of Waupaca county. Although the elders of our family knew that Dee Davis (back row of the picture below) and Hazel Walker were related somehow, no-one seemed to remember exactly how.

They were second cousins. Dee’s father was Charles Davis and his father was Nathan Davis. One of Nathan’s brothers was Jerome Davis. One of Jerome’s sons was Orson Davis and Orson’s children included Hazel (Davis) Walker and Walter Davis (also back row of the picture). Maria (Davis) Johnson of Yuma, AZ is the granddaughter of Walter as is her cousin Diane Lorge of Appleton who sent the picture.

Back (L-R) Walter Davis, Dee Davis.
Front (L-R) George Wendtland, Eva (Davis) Wendtland

We also learned that Dee Davis and Clare Babcock were second cousins!

Dee’s father was Charles Davis, as mentioned, and his mother was Sarah (Babcock) Davis (she later married an Eaton). Sarah’s brothers included Silas Babcock (who fought in the Civil War in the same unit with Jerome and Eugene Davis) and William Babcock (who was almost invisible to us) the father of Robert Babcock and grandfather of Clare Babcock.

We also learned that Hazel Walker (and her brother Walter in the picture) and Vivan Babcock (and her brother Lee Buttolph) were first cousins. Hazel and Walter’s mother was Stella (Kent) Davis. Vivan and Lee’s mother was Emma (Kent) Buttolph, the sister of Stella.

Clare and Hazel weren’t directly related but Vivian (Hazel’s first cousin) married Bill Babcock (Clare’s first cousin).

We also learned Dee’s aunt married a Babcock. Dee’s mother was Isabell (McGregor) Davis. Isabell’s sister was Lodema McGregor (the aunt that Dee [Dema] was named after). Lodema married a Benedict and had a couple children. Then she married Allen Babcock, the son of Silas mentioned above.


Lodema and Allen Babcock had a daughter but she died before she was 17. Lodema’s daughter (Dee’s first cousin) Marion Benedict married Stewart Smiley, Fred Smiley’s brother.

George and Eva Wendtland, married November 15, 1911

The SMALL WORLD story is that Maria Johnson (of Glenn Davis, Walter Davis, Stella Davis, Lewis Kent) is a third cousin of Tom Wilson (of Alice Jane Wilson, Vivian Babcock, Emma Buttolph, Lewis Kent) and they live less than five miles from each other in Yuma, Arizona!

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Last update: July 6, 2021